The Shipyard has the possibility to construct The Yachts, Tourist Boats and the Multi-Purpose Relaxation Platforms of any design and according to the client's demands under any Class and Flag. The special interest for business have the Multi-Purpose Relaxation Platforms that have the space for Accommodation, Restaurants, Performances, Meetings and the opportunity of Fishing.

For your special attention find the most popular Projects during the last years - 90 m Yacht and Catamaran for 99 passengers:

YACHT 90 m


The Basic Characteristics of Catamaran:

LOA                               22.80 m

LBP                               19.80 m

Breadth                          6.00 m

Depth                             2.15 m

Draft                               1.10 m

Service speed              21 knots

Crew                               5

Passengers                 99

M/E                               368 kW*2

Class                            RINA

Coastal Water

If any kind of Tourist & Leisure Vessels is constructed for business the financing is available under certain circumstances. Find below the photos of Tourist & Leisure Vessels that have been constructed.


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