During the last years the Shipyard has diversified its activity and has entered the market of cargo vessels. Our advantage is that we construct not only the General Cargo Vessels, but also the Multi-Purpose ones. We offer the vessels of the types with very attractive price for the European market!
The Vessels which are under the line of construction now are below.

3500t Multi-Purpose Cargo Ship

Loa:            88.00m

Breadth:     18.00m

Depth:           4.60m

Draft:            3.50m

Speed:       10.00kn

Dwt:            3500mt


Package Cargo

Class: Any IACS Class 

5400t Multi-Purpose Cargo Ship

Loa:         105.22m

Breadth:    15.20m

Depth:          7.50m

Draft:            5.10m

Speed:       12.00kn

Dwt:           5400mt

River & Ocean

Class: GL

8500t General Cargo Ship

Loa:           112.21m

Breadth:      19.00m

Depth:           7.60m

Draft:             5.20m

Speed:        13.00kn

Dwt:            8500mt

With Twin hatch covers

Class: BV

Except the above vessels the following ones are also under the line of construction:

4000DWT Multipurpose Cargo Ship,  9000DWT Multipurpose Cargo Ship, 1000T General Cargo Ship, 37/45 General Cargo Ship, 2800DWT General Cargo Vessel, 6600DWT General Cargo Vessel, 37000DWT Cargo Vessel, 1575DWT Bulk Carrier, 9000DWT Bulk Carrier, 15000DWT Bulk Carrier, 30000DWT Bulk Carrier, 45000DWT Bulk Carrier, 500t FW Supply Ship, 1000t Oil Supply Ship, 3000t Oil Tanker, 29500DWT Timber Carrier.

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